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Your Sente

I think im sick but i might be wrong i think im wrong but its hard to tell i think i feel like ive never felt before ente, men.

Its common for upper respiratory infections such as the common cold or flu or allergies like hay fever to temporarily impair your sense of smell. Known medically as anosmia, the symptom also occurs in approximately half of covid-19 cases. While around two thirds recover within eight weeks, many are still affected by loss of smell.

  the link between covid and smell and taste disturbance became apparent in march 2020 as the pandemic swept around the globe. Around 60 of people who contract covid-19 will have experienced smell.

Your sente of humor \s totally fucked up. You're offensive .

N other words, you are um um what i want to hear - what i want to hear popular memes on the site ifunny.

Your senators work on legislation that affects the local, national, and international level. This makes them one of the best contacts you have in our government and yes, you do have them as a contact.

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