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Their Bags

Their Bags

  passengers who stopped to get their bags in a crashed russian jet have been slammed for wasting crucial seconds.

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  f acing corruption investigations in the us and uk, commodity trader glencore is changing its old guard. Two weeks before ivan glasenberg was to shock investors by hinting at his early departure.

  ariana grande fans have said their bags were not thoroughly checked at the concert last night in manchester.

  photographer jason travis, from atlanta, has people display their belongings for a photo. The 34-year-old has snapped bags with guns, lube, a mason jar, and a naked barbie.

  whats shocking here is that there were clear signs of smoke and fire but so many people still took the extra time to take their bags out.

The fury over 'hand luggage' plane evacuees BBC News

  as the nation gets ready to wrap their presents, primark has shared the three ways to re-use their bags as gift wrap.

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Their Bags

  new covid strain scots in england told to unpack their bags and stay at home for christmas. Chris witty indicated that tier 3 and tier 2 restrictions had proven ineffective at controlling the new variant.