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Is the monsoon integrated in indian culture? Discussion itsdav3 rindia so i have to do a presentation about the monsoon and i couldnt find any results on.

Description and rules of this sub are the edited versions of our users suggestions if you intend to have any changes in them or in anything of this sub, you can make a suggestion post.

Read through all the 400 comments and subcomments the previous night and i found most of them to resound with what a silent majority of readers on quora can relate to.

Convert Swiss Franc to Indian Rupee | CHF to INR Currency ..

  in different parts of india, the currency is known as the rupee, roopayi, rupaye, rubai or one of the other terms derived from the sanskrit rupyakam. The most commonly used symbols for the rupee are , rs and rp.

R India R

Intershop is a leading provider of omni-channel e commerce solutions, it was facing challenges in migrating its suite of industry leading solution to a saas based delivery model.

Biased sub-reddit for india on reddit, overtaken by corrupt mods who ban anyone who do not align with their political views.

[D] Why legitimate comments gets downvoted in india ...

So many times i see the discussion on some posts of these subreddits and whenever a legitimate question which maybe slightly hints at being on the opposite side of the political spectrum that the reddit post is, then it gets immediately downvoted. I am naive in these matters and thought this place is more open to discussions so help this noob out please.

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