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Two of the main classical languages of the world tamil language and sanskrit language were born in india. The country founded a religion called hinduism, which most indians still follow. Later, a king named chandragupt maurya built an empire called the maurya empire in 300 bc.

India (hindi bhrat), officially the republic of india (hindi bhrat gaarjya), is a country in south asia. It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the indian ocean on the south, the arabian sea on the southwest, and the bay of bengal on the southeast, it shares land borders with pakistan to the west china, nepal, and bhutan to the north and bangladesh and myanmar to the east.


  india, country that occupies the greater part of south asia. It is a constitutional republic that represents a highly diverse population consisting of thousands of ethnic groups. With roughly one-sixth of the worlds total population, it is the second most populous country, after china.

  latest travel advice for india including how coronavirus (covid-19) is affecting travel and entry requirements at this time as well as safety and security and local laws and customs.

  indias self-styled yoga capital has been a source of enlightenment since long before the beatles stopped by in full-blown hippie mode. Blessed with a glorious setting in the himalayan foothills, tracing the banks of the ganges, rishikesh is the perfect place to settle for a time to practise your downward dog, try some laughter therapy, ritually bathe in the ganges or whatever else floats your.

A surge in cases in some indian states has scientists worried about a possible new wave.

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A startup by an apple alum that has become home to millions of low-skilled workers in india said on.


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Covaxin, indias covid-19 homegrown vaccine maker, is yet to make public the vaccines efficacy data india s prime minister.