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ISO 3166 2

ISO 3166 2

It was made by the international organization for standardization. For each country listed in iso 3166-1, iso 3166-2 defines its provinces with two or three letter codes, or numbers.

The table displays the list of country names (official short name in english as in iso 3166) in alphabetical order, of those countries for which subdivision codes (iso 3166-2) have been used in unlocode. By selecting a country, the system displays its list of subdivisions.

Iso 3166-22013 establishes a universally applicable code for the representation of the names of principal administrative divisions of countries and territories included in iso 3166-1.

ISO 3166 2 Wikipedia

ISO 3166 2

  iso 3166-2 is part of the iso 3166 standard published by the international organization for standardization, and defines codes for identifying the principal subdivisions of all countries coded in iso 3166-1. The official name of the standard is codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions part 2 country subdivision code.

  iso 3166-2gb is the entry for the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland in.

  iso 3166-1 alpha-2 codes are two-letter country codes defined in iso 3166-1, part of the.