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Fun Maths

Fun Maths

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  math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, worksheets and an illustrated dictionary.

The new atm book, fun maths - games and puzzles has an accompanying set of support materials which you can download here. Included in the download are templates, tiles, boards and grids, etc. If you have not already got the book order your copy now! Fun maths by bob vertes.

Math and Logic Puzzles

Bespoke e-learning training platform delivering training courses in education.

Teachers! Here is a collection of mathematical activities containing an element of fun! Some activities will be perfect for the last ten minutes of a gruelling double period while others could be saved for the last lesson of term.

Have fun while practising maths skills with our activity sheets, and videos for ages 311. Youll find activity books to further develop maths skills in our bookshop. Print out and fill in our selection of free maths activity sheets.