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Founder Co

Raja dhir is a life sciences entrepreneur and co-founder of seed, a venture-backed microbiome company pioneering the application of bacteria for both human and planetary health.

  there may be a preference regionally, such as british english generally preferring the co-founder or co-founder alternatives, but that does not make those options incorrect in american english. Likewise, the more favored cofounder in american english is just as correct in british english.

Founder is a word that we are familiar with and understand it as the person or individual who establishes a venture. It is a term that connotes pride and prestige as well as creativity on the part of the person who starts the venture.


We work with founders of tech, tech-enabled and product-based businesses to create and realise life-changing value. Were a collective who have operated, invested in and advised companies and founders over many years.

The difference between a founder and a co-founder is - well, there is no difference! Lets clear up the confusion a founder is someone who founded or established a company. They may have created the business alone, or they may have done it with o.

Once hyphenated, the word is a single word, so only needs a capital at the beginning of the entire word. If you write co founder (which isnt really a word) then youd capitalize both. Co-founder works in a sentence when its not part of someones title.

Founder Co

Theres no need to capitalize it since it is not a proper noun unless it is at the beginning of a sentence or being used in a title. Once it is hyphenated it becomes a single word and so f should not be capitalized.