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Firms Can

Firms Can

  firms can claim 1,000 for every worker brought back from furlough.

  more firms can now benefit from the future fund more start-ups and innovative firms will be able to apply for investment from the governments future fund from today (tuesday 30 june).

  what firms can expect from dora by joanna grove-lafarge, pa financial services and resilience expert ft global risk regulator 09 february 2021. This article was first published in ft global risk regulator. The digital operational resilience act (dora) is currently in consultation and due to come into force in january 2022.

How firms can prepare for HMRC furlough fraud inspections ..

Employment solicitor barry ross looks at how businesses and accountants can prepare for the inevitable hmrc furlough fraud inspections.

  what firms can do to help with homeschooling by dawn brown with many parents lying to their boss about how well theyre coping with juggling work and childcare, its time for employers to take action, says dawn brown. With millions of uk children likely to be learning remotely for weeks longer, the pressures on working parents are constantly mounting.

Firms Can

  how consulting firms can maintain consistent profitability.

  by ariaa reeds 15 september 2020 marketing is an important aspect of running a successful private equity firm.

Cut red tape so firms can use AI, urges task force leader

  cut red tape so firms can use ai, urges task force leader the new taskforce for innovation and growth through regulatory reform will aim to drive innovation and competitiveness for uk companies.

Firms can develop their own approach to ensuring their customers make informed decisions. Where a firm is concerned that a customer is making a decision that is not in their best interests, bringing this up with the customer would be in keeping with the firms obligations. However, firms are not required to give the specific messages set out in this guidance.

We know that firms must regularly upgrade their it systems and while we do not expect changes to be implemented without incident, firms can work towards reducing the disruption caused, making themselves and the wider industry more resilient.