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Checkout D

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Checkout D

Git switch -f master that avoids the confusion with git checkout (which deals with files or branches). And that will proceeds, even if the index or the working tree differs from head.

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Git checkout--detach branch git checkout --detach commit. Prepare to work on top of commit, by detaching head at it (see detached head section), and updating the index and the files in the working tree.

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  this will be done with a specific commit are as follows git checkout specific-commit-id. Once above command runs, we are now able to get that specific commit ids by using the command git log.

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  - uses actionscheckoutv2 with repository name with owner. Repository repository the branch, tag or sha to checkout. When checking out the repository that triggered a workflow, this defaults to the reference or sha for that event.

The checkout command can switch the currently active branch - but it can also be used to restore files. The most common use case for checkout is when you want to switch to a different branch, making it the new head branch. Another use case for checkout is when you want to restore a historic version of a specific file.