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Why Use So

Why Use So

Beginning a sentence in conversation with the word so makes the speaker sound stupid. The usage creates the impression that the speaker wants to sound intelligent.

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  so works as a conversational prompt in the first line, and in the third line, so is used to carry on the conversation. In this way, so is a tool that helps ensure the conversation keeps up its pace by allowing a quick transition from one topic to another.

Here's Why Everyone Is Starting Sentences With The Word 'So'

  so what we want to do is build a pipeline of experiences for people to have. The word so appears at the beginning of sentences in two ways before questions and before answers, especially.

3 why are there restricted so rules i thought snort was open source? 7 im compiling the so rules from source why am i missing some rules? 8 when i download the rules snapshot file i cant find the sids mentioned in the.

So can be combined with words like much, little, often, or rarely to describe how much or how often someone does an action.