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Two new species of meiobenthic copepod (crustacea, copepoda, harpacticoida) found during an ecological study of the effects of municipal raw sewage on the marine meiobenthos in the bay of piran, yugoslavia (north adriatic) are described.

Classical operas mozart 250 is an epic project which travels 250 years back in time to follow the chronological trajectory of mozarts life, works and influences. From january 2015, the 250th anniversary of mozarts childhood visit to london, during which he composed his first significant works, mozart 250 follows mozarts.

Invertebrate Zoology 44358: Tisbe furcata

No specific locality data atlantic ocean atlantic, northwest united states maine 1930 ( - ) berkeleymapper use ctrlscroll wheel on your mouse or double click to zoom in on the map to see coordinate uncertainty.

For the future use of the marine benthic copepod tisbe biminiensis in solid-phase sediment toxicological bioassays, the present study investigated the effect of muddy sediment from the maracape.

Distribution and abundance of tisbe species were studied throughout a period of 3 years at 3 stations in the lagoon of venice (italy). At 2 other stations samples were taken occasionally, as also at the lido station (open sea). Twelve species may be considered as common inhabitants of the lagoon, and 3 species appear to be occasional transients, compared to the 9 species found at the.