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The U 174

The U 174

From there, you can back-track the known wiring form the u-174 back to the correct connections on the u-94 side. You can also see how the david clark h10-76 u-174-plug wiring matches up with the u-94. Its not as hard as it may seem, the system effectively (on the headset end) only uses four (4) wires, two (2) wires to the mic, two (2) wires.

The U 174

The u 174 receives up to four video data streams encapsulated according to the internet protocol (ip) and converts them into up to four standardised cofdm output signals. 2 safety instructions disconnect both mains plugs before opening the device! The device must not be opened - for exceptions, see the maintenance and repair, and the service tasks! Power supply units must not be opened!

Most military aircraft - both fixed wing and helicopter - use a single plug called a u-93a plug which is the same size found in a civilian helicopter (u-174u).


You may need an adapter cord that converts the u-174 single plug to the p5568 two plug system if your aircraft has been converted to two communication jacks. You will need to order a pa-12 amp if you are going to use the mask with general aviation vhf radio.

From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia german submarine u-174 was a type ixc u-boat of nazi germany s kriegsmarine during world war ii. She was laid down at the deschimag ag weser yard in bremen as yard number 1014 on , launched on 21 august and commissioned on 26 november with fregattenkapitän ulrich thilo in command.

The u174 plug is a standard military aviation plug and will plug directly into most military aviation intercom systems.