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The TP 120

The TP 120

The kramer tools tp-120is an xga line receiver that receives a coded cat 5 signal transmitted by the wp-110, decodes it and converts it to an xga output.

Manufactured from carbon fibre , aluminium alloy and performance engineering polymers, the complete system has been designed to perform in the harshest of environments where fast deployments are essential. The antenna is supplied with a high quality mode-matched feed giving better than 35 db xpol performance. The digital satellite news gathering (dsng) tp120 antenna system has been designed.

The TP 120

In particular, the tp-120 has an operating range of more than 300 ft. (more than 100 meters) using standard cat 5 cable and the wp-110 or the pt-110 includes eq. And level controls has the power connect feature2 is 12vdc fed achieving the best performance means connecting only good quality connection cables, thus avoiding interference, deterioration in signal quality due to poor matching.


The cost efficiency of the g 120tp redefines training cost and budgets. This makes the g 120 tp the most cost efficient solution for the future.

Holkirk communications iata compliant tp120 broadcast flyaway antenna with a 1.

The TP 120

The tp-120 is a twisted pair receiver for computer graphics video signals. When used in conjunction with the pt-110 twisted pair transmitter (or other compatible kramer transmitter), it converts a twisted pair signal back into a computer graphics video signal features max. Resolution - wuxga & 1080p hdtv compatible twisted pair input - rj45 level (gain) and eq (peaking) controls system.

The grob g 120tp is a two-seat turboprop training and aerobatic low-wing aircraft with a composite airframe, built by grob aircraft. It is based on the grob g 120a training aircraft and has been developed for military and civil pilots training. It has a retractable tricycle landing gear and a low tailplane.

TP 120 Amphenol Nexus Technologies | Mouser United Kingdom

Tp-120 amphenol nexus technologies phone connectors 4cond telephone plug plug assembly black datasheet, inventory & pricing.

The dickson pro series data loggers take data acquisition to the next level with 5-year battery life, data storage capacity of 32,512 samples and our best accuracy specifications.