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The Inform

The inform platform allows you to embed real-time relevant content into your articles and across your sites. All of our distributed videos come pre-monetized with brand-safe video ads from trusted brands. Brand safety, exclusive reach, and monetization are at the core of the inform platform. Our proprietary video content distribution methods match our publishers.

The inform team is a leading technology change management consultancy. We help organisations take on new tools and new ways of working.

The inform network we combine a small core resource with the ability to rapidly plug into an unrivalled network of people, agencies and resources as the project requires all under informs management.

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The inform risk index is a global, open-source risk assessment for humanitarian crises and disasters. It can support decisions about prevention, preparedness and response.

  letter 10 years in international pathways to higher education a letter to celebrate a decade of the inform journal past issues are available on the download inform page. The list is hosted by jiscmail and is open to all members of the academic community associated with ifps.

Ischebeck inform brings to the precast industry the most innovative products for connecting, sealing and handling precast elements, as well as production facility, expertise and cutting edge processes.

Inform Wikipedia

Inform is a programming language and design system for interactive fiction originally created in 1993 by graham nelson. Inform can generate programs designed for the z-code or glulx virtual machines. Around 1996, nelson rewrote inform from first principlesto create version 6 (or inform 6). Over the following decade, version 6 became reasonably stable and a popular language for writing interactive fiction.

The inform project continues to help countries set up national environment portals, predominantly housed with national environment departments. So far national environment portals have been introduced and set up in all 11 pacific island countries, with the expressed interest of the countries and their active engagement in using the portal as a centralised repository to store data for improved.

The inform severity index is an improved way to objectively measure and compare the severity of humanitarian crises and disasters globally. It can help us develop a shared understanding of crisis severity and ensure all those affected get the help they need. The inform warning intends to support decisions around preparedness, early warning and early action.