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Taking Lun

Taking Lun

Important qes will still delete the snapshot when the following two conditions are met.

We have carved the luns up as follows array a lun1 5gb lun2 40gb lun3 200gb lun4 300gb lun7 40gb lun10 50gb lun11 150gb lun14 250gb (extending from 200gb) unused 400gb array b lun6 lun8 lun9 lun5 lun12 unused 460gb array c lun13 1.

View Disk Properties and LUN Information in Windows Pure .

Access disk manager under computer management in server manager or in the command prompt with diskmgmt.

Taking Lun

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  good afternoon,opop i have a hyper-v cluster composed of 4 nodes and these nodes are able to access multiple csvs (14 in total). I recently requested a new lun (lun 15)to be provisioned to my hyper-v cluster in the size of 500gb.

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New LUN Takes A long Time To Format and Errors Out

  restore intellisnap sql without taking lun offline posted , 532 am. Schnaeggie joined on newcomer points 2 hi! Scenario - vm with ms sql server - netapp iscsi-luns mounted inside the vm keeping sql databases and logs - as there are lots of databases that need to run on this server not every database runs on seperate lun.

Quality of service (qos) attributes allocated storage capacity. San host entry mapping details and controller port masking assignments.

  i have a windows server 2012 essentials connected to a synology ds415 using iscsi. I initialized the disk in disk management, created a single volume and went to perform a quick format.