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Some Numer

Some Numer

Contingent valuation is some number better than no number? Peter a. Hausman m ost economic analyses aim at explaining market transactions. Data on transactions, or potentially collectible data on transactions, are the touchstone for recognizing interesting economic analyses.

Explanation of the english phrase (some number) per (something) use per to talk about a ratio, which is the relationship between numbers.

Some Numer

Some definition is - being an unknown, undetermined, or unspecified unit or thing.

Name Date Here are some number lines – count on 2 10 Now .

The sum of ten and some number the quotient of some number and ten the product of some number and ten the difference of ten and some number 2 see answers musiclover10045 musiclover10045 the given expression is x10.

If thats the intended meaning, some is fine to use in most contexts but might be felt to be a touch too casual in - say - an academic paper or formal report (use approximately).

To say or list the numbers from zero on up to a certain number. Can you count up to a million? I can count up to any number you name, and i will do it if you will stay around to listen.