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  a common problem we often hear how writing emails in english can cost just too much time.

This phrase appears in these lessons please note that all applications must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation. Please note that i will be out of the office starting friday, december 7, through tuesday, december 11.

You want readers to pay particular attention to the point (one sense of note) rather than merely be aware of it. The abbreviation nb is often used too (for nota bene, note well).

Please Note synonyms 571 Words and Phrases for Please Note

Another way to say please note? Synonyms for please note (other words and phrases for please note).

Synonyms for please note include bear in mind, be aware, be mindful, pay attention, remember, take heed, take note, worth noting, should be aware of and should be cognizant of.


Please note all items should be sent well in advance of date of publication. Please note that all items for inclusion in these notes must be in by noon on friday. Please note that we have not made any tests to prove the reliableness of the suppliers. Please note that our general policy is go by the way you sign yourself in the body of the email.