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Muslim Spaw

Muslim Spaw

Though spas and wellness treatments are a favourite component of travel amongst many leisure travellers, most muslim travellers are unable to experience spa treatments since a majority of spas and wellness centres around the world do not meet islamic values and requirements.

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What did you think he meant by change? The Atlantic

  crack reporters from atlantic media were able to get their hands on some notes scrawled by radical christian, marxist muslim, spawn of the lich-king, barack hussein obama.

Wellness & thermal hotels and spas with halal-friendly features.

Muslim Spaw

Sometimes, you just have to treatyourself to a relaxing spa day to unwind and recharge from all that hustling.

Moza Aesthethics Spa – Moza Aesthetics

Halal holidays in andalusia spain is one of halalbookings most popular european destinations. Its tourism industry has made positive steps towards attracting muslim tourists, which are showing encouraging results.

Political movement known as britain first recently took to the streets in bury park, luton, carrying christian crosses and handing out literature, it didnt take long for the group to boisterously clash with local muslims.