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Lord Neube

Richard newby, baron newby married ailsa ballantyne thomson on july 22, 1978.

Lord Newby OBE GOV.UK

Richard mark newby, baron newby obe pc (born 14 february 1953), known popularly as dick newby, is a british politician, who has been the leader of the liberal democrats in the house of lords since september 2016.

Lord newby is a liberal democrat life peer who has sat under this title in the lords since the lord newby obe, and his given name is richard mark newby.

But lord newby says there is an increasing realisation as negotiations falter that leaving the bloc is bad for the economy and potentially fatal for the northern ireland peace process.

He had parliamentary ambitions seeking the candidacy for twickenham, challenging vince cable, in 1997.

Lord newby was appointed as government deputy chief whip and captain of the queens bodyguard of the yeomen of the guard in may 2012.

Lord newby, leader of the liberal democrats in the house of lords. Born in rothwell, west yorkshire dick newby attended rothwell grammar school before studying politics, philosophy and economics at st catherines college oxford. He grew up in a labour stronghold and was a member of the labour party at university and in several london boroughs.

  remainer lord newby was left utterly stunned when he was told that brexit was the least of his problems because momentum is growing for another referendum that would abolish the house of lords.