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Iran S Fri

The official language of delhi sultanate and mughal empire was persian. Persian was the lingua franca of the mughal empire under akbar. Later on, persian became the dominant language among the elite muslims especially in north india. The development and evolution of urdu language was deeply influenced by persian.

  qatars role in undermining the stability of the islamic world has been second only to irans. Us president donald trump has been attacked by his ubiquitous critics for his apparent about-face on the crisis surrounding qatar.

  hezbollah reply to israel as if irans fri jan 30, 2015 hezbollah took best revenge on israel fri jan 30, 2015 press tvs website can also be accessed at the following alternate addresses www.

US must rein in Israel's nuclear arms | Gideon Spiro ...

  t he surprise announcement by rose gottemoeller, a us assistant secretary of state, that america would like every nation including israel .