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Schedulepro is shipped with an expanding list of detailed examples that cover a.

The video files are in mp4 format and are posted on intelligens website.

Assisting users solve technical and business problems using intelligens.

Registered office the mound, edinburgh, eh1 1yz, united kingdom.

Showing intelligence, or able to learn and understand things easily 2.

Intelligens cogeneration equipment solves this problem by producing electricity and thermal energy onsite in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. Intelligen equipment provides electricity and hot water at a combined efficiency that approaches 90.

INTELLIGENT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

The default installation path of the examples folder is c users public .

The word intelligence derives from the latin nouns intelligentia or intellctus, which in turn stem from the verb intelligere, to comprehend or perceive. In the middle ages, the word intellectus became the scholarly technical term for understanding, and a translation for the greek philosophical term nous.

Intelligent definition, having good understanding or a high mental capacity quick to comprehend, as persons or animals an intelligent student.

Schedulepro is a finite capacity scheduling (fcs) tool for multi-product batch and semi-continuous manufacturing facilities. It generates feasible and optimized production schedules that respect constraints related to the limited availability of equipment, work areas, labor, utilities, inventories of materials, etc.

The intelligen tm refrigeration controller is a factory-mounted electronic control that delivers reliable operation and system performance. Intelligen helps reduce food spoilage by maintaining better temperature control and provides energy savings through optimizing defrosts.

Superpro designer facilitates modeling, evaluation and optimization of integrated.


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The intelligen technology is the only laser-ablation semen sexing technology available in any market in the world. Using recent advances in lasers and fluidics, the intelligen technology delivers sexed bovine genetics with the fertility and efficiency needed by the market today.


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