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I Think Hu

I Think Hu

  today im going to have a quick discussion on why i believe hu tao and zhongli may still be released during patch 1.

Well, ganyu is released now and she easily deals 20k per charged shot with no buffs. Rennnnn on t 331 am reply moderated is it just me or are her potential numbers absurdly high? I really cant believe theyre going to release her like this, built decently she can do wayyy too much damage for way too little risk.

I think hu taos burst should have a limit on the amount it can heal her - say 70maxhp just like bennetts ult.

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  i think hu 183 would be too grey (isnt it discontinued anyway?) and hu 29 would be too earthy, so id be looking for something close to hu 29 but with more orange in it.

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  was hu tao not ready! Why i think hu tao didnt come in update 1.

I think hu tao is fairly far away enough that you can get enough free primogems to get both ganyu and hu tao. Ill be attempting to get her too if the rumors of venti rerun right after her are false. Thing is we dont know for sure if xiaos going to be first or if its going to be hu tao i really have no interest in xiao at all. But i just did accidentally pull diluc and havent bothered.

  i think hu tao will come first then xiao as the festival he comes with is at feb 26th.