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Host Is A

Host Is A

From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia look up host, höst, hst, or hos in wiktionary, the free dictionary. A host is a person responsible for guests at an event or for providing hospitality during it.

Alternatively referred to as an internet node, a host is a computer or another device connected to a computer network.

In biology and medicine, a host is a larger organism that harbours a smaller organism whether a parasitic, a mutualistic, or a commensalist guest (). The guest is typically provided with nourishment and shelter.

What is a Host?

  a host (also known as network host) is a computer or other device that communicates with other hosts on a network. Hosts on a network include clients and servers -- that send or receive data, services or applications.

A cell or organism, such as a plant, animal, or alga, on or in which another organism lives or feeds. For example, a cat may be a host to fleas that feed on its blood, or a cell in the human respiratory tract may be a host to a flu virus. The american heritage student science dictionary, second edition.