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High Low

High-low fan descender quick jump training & assessment team development, psychometric and team profiling (strength deployment inventory) technical advice consultancy.

High Low – DeuxLooks

High-low mixes one high-end item to two low-end or more accessible pieces. So if i consider the cashmere coat on my avatars arm a high piece (lets pretend, ok?), then the mesh tee is one of the lows. If my bespoke earrings are high, then my simple brooch is low. Other principles i like and use a lot irl are dressing up jeans and.

High-low synonyms, high-low pronunciation, high-low translation, english dictionary definition of high-low. A poker game in which both high and low hands are eligible to win.

High&low(stylized as high&low), is a japanese action media franchise centred around the exile tribe. Produced by exile hiro, the high&low entertainment project consists of television series, various films and other media, including music, live tours, official sns accounts, mobile games, books, manga, anime, and temporary themed establishments, comprising an all-encompassing fictional universe. 7 billion yen and was the 15th-highest-grossing media franchise of japan that year.