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Here You

Here You

Here you are is literal - this is the thing im offering you. It is brusque rather than polite, but in an informal context, that might just be seen as friendly - it depends on the tone of voice. Here you go is a colloquial idiom, which doesnt really make literal sense.

Here you come again is a song written by barry mann and cynthia weil, and recorded by american entertainer dolly parton. It was released as a single in september 1977 as the title track from partons album of the same name, topped the u. Country singles chart for five weeks, and won the 1979 grammy award for best female country vocal performance it also reached number three on the u.

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Here You

Why here you can? Its a positive message and we really believe that herefordshire has a can-do attitude and is a place where good things happen so this is reflected in our core brand identity. The master logo herefordshire and the here message are the core of the brand identify because it is our name and using here helps the brand come to life - it identifies things, its an invitation.

Here you come again is the nineteenth solo studio album by dolly parton. It was partons first album to be certified platinum by the recording industry association of america, for shipping a million copies.

Here you go definition this is the object you asked me to give you.

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  (spoken) used when you are giving something to somebody here you are.