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Hello All

Hello All

So the expression hi all is pretty popular as a salutation for email messages.

Which is correct, hello all or hello to all? No, the usual way is to say hello everyone! Hello to all is not used. Hello all is not so bad but not used in england (i dont know about america).

  your best bet is to say hello all if you want to sound like a native. However, like i said before, you can say hello to all the but only if you specify a noun afterwards. If its at the beginning of a letter or a speech and you dont specify a personpeople afterwards, i think it sounds strange.

Is "Hi All" Grammatically Correct?

  saying hi all isnt improper english, but its not commonly heard either. Ive heard it when people are being silly (very informal) and are among friends.

  i was teaching in north carolina this week, when a participant in the business writing class shared her most embarrassing email mistake. The mistake was in an email she sent to everyone in the companyabout 400 peoplein her role as a senior manager of human resources.

  often i see emails like this hi jenny or hello all, both of which are missing a direct address comma. Almost everyone omits the direct address comma, and i was wondering if i am right to continue using it even though others have chosen to abandon this grammar rule? Thanks, lucy.