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Hammams R

  in the days of the shahs, the khans and even the russian empire, hammams in azerbaijan were about much more than just getting clean. Find out helpful tips for taking a public bath when you go on.

The centuries-old tradition of a steamy hammam is the perfect place to come together, relax and socialise with friends. Think large marble-clad heat rooms that are perfect for hen parties and girly gatherings in the city (they can take larger bookings and you get time to chat and chill), and youll not only leave with freshly scrubbed skin, but they really transport you away from the stresses.

Hammam Saffarin Wikipedia

The hammam as-saffarin (or saffarin hammam, hammam seffarine, etc. ) is a historic hammam in the medina (old city) of fes, morocco.

  a hammam (arabic , romanized ḥammm, turkish hamam) or turkish bath is a type of steam bath or a place of public bathing associated with the islamic world.