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Gabriel is our online system for collecting and storing regulatory data from firms. It is being replaced by our new system regdata during the months ahead. If your firm has already been moved to regdata, go to the regdata page.

In the abrahamic religions, gabriel is an archangel, first described in the hebrew bible.

Colours beige black blue brown green grey orange red turquoise violet white yellow. Categories cross functional flame retardant mesh post-consumer recycled polyester screen velvet & velour polyesterwashable embossed woolen. Tests acoustic tests - en 29053 & iso 9053-1 (airflow resistance) - iso 354 & iso 11654 (sound absorption.).


Gabriel unavailable due to system maintenance gabriel will be closing early at 6pm on wednesday 24 february 2021. Eu withdrawal the uk has left the eu and the transition period has ended.

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With more than 165 years of experience with fabrics and a global mindset, gabriel is wellknown around the world for developing exclusive fabrics based on exceptional nordic craftsmanship, premium quality and environmental friendliness. With our commitment to beautiful fabrics with an international appeal, we combine passionate craftsmanship with an innovative way of developing fabrics.