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Griller synonyms, griller pronunciation, griller translation, english dictionary definition of griller. Gridiron barbecue interrogate the detective will grill him for hours to get to the facts. Not to be confused with grille a metal framework perforated.


A person who grills food, especially as a cook in a restaurant.

Griller the healthier option have been established on the wealth of knowledge and vast experience of its originators. The people behind the brand have been in the fast food industry for decades, having built a reputation for the provision of high quality products and attractive outlets. As key players in the expansion and development of a well- known chicken chain since 1995, we gained.

Griller | Definition of Griller at Dictionary.com

Meals served with fries & a can of soft drink go large fries for 50p.

Note please note (1) griller is a pioneer of peri peri chicken the only fast food chain offering healthy food (2) griller does not use any fat, oil not fry any chicken grill pizza halal menu information drinks coca-cola from 1.