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Noun a member of the police force or a private investigator whose function is to obtain information and evidence, as of offenses against the law.

Detective constables and police constables have the same rank and whilst there are a number of similarities, they have different operational roles. Detective constables ultimately deal with serious and complex investigations, uncovering the truth and analysing evidence on cases. This could range from working to safeguard a child or vulnerable adult, pushing a case through the courts to get the.

Someone whose job is to discover information about crimes and find out who is responsible for.

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Hailey depicts the work of a homicide department and its investigation methods. Detective is the story of miami police detective malcolm ainslie, who had previously trained to be a catholic priest. He is a religious freak and he starts killing people feeling.

A detective is an investigator, usually a member of a law enforcement agency. They often collect information to solve crimes by talking to witnesses and informants, collecting physical evidence, or searching records in databases. This leads them to arrest criminals and enable them to be convicted in court.

Private detectives are licensed professionals who offer a wide range of investigative services. They may be self-employed, work for an agency or subcontract with government organizations to investigate crimes or threatsat the state, local or national level.

Detective synonyms, detective pronunciation, detective translation, english dictionary definition of detective. A person, usually a member of a police force, who investigates crimes and obtains evidence or information.

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Countable noun a detective is someone whose job is to discover what has happened in a crime or other situation and to find the people involved. Some detectives work in the police force and others work privately. Detectives are appealing for witnesses who may have seen anything suspicious.

The term detective is not a rank but a descriptive title, which demonstrates your current role and reflects your skills, knowledge, training and experience in a particular field. Detectives work alongside their uniformed counterparts as equals in pay and rank. As a detective you can work in a number of specialist departments criminal investigations department (cid) - handles.