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DS 10 Ha

DS 10 Ha

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DS 10 Ha

Firewall models now support session state synchronization among firewalls in a high availability (ha) cluster of up to 16 firewalls. The ha cluster peers synchronize sessions to protect against failure of the data center or a large security inspection point with horizontally scaled firewalls.

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  typical elution profiles of dextanh 2 ds 10, ha and ha-g-dexta ds 10 are presented in fig. The ha-g-dexta ds 10 polymer was eluted earlier than ha and dextanh 2 ds 10 in a unimodal gpc-trace. This indicated that the ha-g-dexta polymer was successfully synthesized. The number average molecular weights of these polymers ranged from 38.

5 p, t, w, ds 1) ds duration of sunshine, p precipitation, t air temperature, w wind velocity and wind direction.

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DS 10 Ha

Gpc chromatograms of dextanh2 ds 10, ha and the copolymer ha-g-dexta ds 10. Gelation times of hydrogels based on ha-g-dexta as a function of ds and concentration (n3, p0. Degree of swelling of ha-g-dexta hydrogels as a function of ds (n3).

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