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Lake chany is at an elevation of 106 m, and its area ranges from 1,990 to 2,600 sq km, depending on seasonal and annual fluctuations in the water level. The shoreline is highly irregular, and there are many long and narrow islands that are oriented in a northeast-southwest direction.

Chany (russian чаны) is an urban locality (a work settlement) and the administrative center of chanovsky district of novosibirsk oblast, russia. Population 8,473 (2010 census) 9,039 (2002 census) 9,607 (1989 census).

Chany Wikipedia

When one farts during intercourse, resulting in the opposite partner pausing during sex and asking did you just fart? Sex may or may not continue. Marks chany last night resulted in having to finish the job himself in the shower.


Chany definition, a salt lake in sw siberia, in the w russian federation in asia.

Chany () is a south korean singer currently under hy entertainment. She is the leader of the girl group ureka and a former member of the groups moa and 4l.