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Analogue R

Analogue R

What is analogue? Analogue is an r package for use with palaeoecological data.

Ranalogueinc ranalogueinc is a community-driven hub for fans of analogue and their fpga-powered gaming hardware.

Simpson 3 perform slightly better at the extremes of the training set and with a small amount of ex-trapolation (ter braak1995).

analogue R

Analogue is an r package for analysing palaeoecological data. Analogue was started by gavin simpson to bring together functions written for various research projects and his ph. Analogue is free and open-source, released under version 2 of the gnu gpl.

Analogue R

Fits modern analogue technique and weighted averaging transfer function models for prediction of environmental data from species data, and related methods used in palaeoecology.

  yesterday i pushed an update of my analogue package to cran. 8-0 and contains some new functions, several bug fixes and a major change arising from additions to r 2.

analogue source: R/new distance.R rdrr.io

Analogue R

Abernethy abernethy forest pollen sequence analog analogue matching analogue-internal internal analogue functions analogue-package analogue and weighted averaging methods for palaeoecology bayesf bayes factors bootstrap bootstrap estimation and errors bootstrapobject bootstrap object description bootstrap.

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