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Alsace ( l s s , also us l s e s, l s s low alemannic germanalsatian s elsàss german elsass () latin alsatia french ()) is a cultural and historical region in eastern france, on the west bank of the upper rhine next to germany and switzerland. Until 1871, alsace included the area now known as the territoire.

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The people of alsace continued to speak a german dialect known as alsatian, but the use of french spread among the upper classes. From 1815 to 1870 alsace actively participated in french national life.

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The alemanni were agricultural people, and their germanic language formed the basis of modern-day dialects spoken along the upper rhine (alsatian, alemannian, swabian, swiss). Clovis and the franks defeated the alemanni during the 5th century ad, culminating with the battle of tolbiac, and alsace became part of the kingdom of austrasia.

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So hard to nail in terms of its character, it proudly guards its own distinct identity, language, cuisine, history and architecture part french, part german, 100 alsatian.

The upper alsace memorial is a project that is a continuation of the exhibition les tranchées oubliées. Local personalities and facts such as kilometre zero, corporal jules-andré peugeot, sub-lieutenant mayer or the unique character of this part of alsace occupied by the french army will help to highlight the unique past of the sundgau region in the great war of 14-18.