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A Rec

  you will be offered a slot for a rec which is suitable for the type of study. Where there is more than one suitable rec or meeting date, you will be given a choice to select the one you prefer.

One moment youll be in the conference hall inspired into a new strategy by one of our speakers. The next youll be in the exhibition hall surrounded by all the existing and innovative next-gen products and services and can make that new strategy possible.

A Rec

As a pioneer in the av-over-ip field, arec continually offers the innovative and newly products designed to enhance the users network streaming experience. Explore arecs outstanding media station, auto-tracking system, and av-over-ip devices.

A Rec Solutions

A-rec solutions is a specialist recruitment-to-recruitment consultancy. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled service towards supplying both experienced professionals, along with talented individuals looking to secure their first role, into the recruitment industry via a thorough, precise and specific search-based strategy.

Arecs av-over-ip products have outstanding innovation and reliable performance, making lecture capture, live streaming, meeting recording, and.