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A Preposit

A Preposit

A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition plus a noun or pronoun (the object of the preposition). Object of the preposition is just a fancy name for the noun or pronoun that follows the preposition. In our apple example above, apple is the object of all of the prepositions.

  the preposition à is generally summarized as to, at, or in, but it has quite a few more meanings and uses than that. When à is followed by the definite article le or les, the two words must contract.

A preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else. Examples of prepositions include words like after, before, on, under, inside and outside.

What is a preposition? English Grammar Revolution

  updated january 29, 2019 despite its diminutive size, à is a hugely important french preposition and one of the most important words in the french language. Its meanings and uses in french are many and varied, but at its most basic, à generally means to, at or in. Compare à to de, meaning of or from, with which its often confused.