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A NOR Gate

A NOR Gate

  a nor gate (not or gate) is a logic gate that produces a high output (1) only if all its inputs are false, and low output (0) otherwise. Hence the nor gate is the inverse of an or gate, and its circuit is produced by connecting an or gate to a not gate.

(electrical engineering electronics components, digital) a nor gate is a digital logic gate that gives an output of 0 when any of its inputs are 1, otherwise 1. Nor gates can be made to produce a variety of logic gates, including or and and gates. The output of the nor gate is a logic 0 as long as the input voltage is below the threshold.

A nor gate (sometimes referred to by its extended name, negated or gate) is a digital logic gate with two or more inputs and one output with behavior that is the opposite of an or gate. The output of a nor gate is true all of its inputs are false. If one or more of a nor gates inputs are true, then the output of the nor gate is false.

What is a NOR Gate? Logic Circuit & Truth Table ...

  definition - what does nor gate mean? A nor gate is a type of logic gate that works on the principle of neither this nor that. This type of digital logic gate produces a high output only if two binary results are satisfied by a zero or low input.

An or gate followed by a not gate in a cascade is called a nor gate.

The nor gate is a digital logic gate that implements logical nor - it behaves according to the truth table to the right. A high output (1) results if both the inputs to the gate are low (0) if one or both input is high (1), a low output (0) results. It can also in some senses be seen as the inverse of an and gate. Nor is a functionally complete operationnor gates can be combined to generate any other logical function.