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A Facile R

A Facile R

A facile r r rose a c hudkins a facile and efficient synthesis of 3-amino-5-bromopyridine derivatives using microwave irradiation.

Title a facile route to ruthenium-carbene complexes and their application in furfural hydrogenation published in applied organometallic chemistry, 24(2), 142 - 146.

Koch, intercalation c hemistry of c obalt and n ickel d ioxides a facile r oute to n ew c ompounds c ontaining o rganocations , mater.

An investigation of the photochemistry of organometallic ...

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Microwave-assisted solvothermal reactions provide a facile r oute f or the synthesis of ba 3v 2o 8 nanopar ticles, which were obtained in the form of loosely connected nano-sized particles a t consider abl y lo wer temper atur es with a high pressur e than those usually employed for their synthesis.

The formation of an acyclic pentadienyl complex is proposed in both cases, by means of a facile r3 to hapticity change of the allyl group. In the dinuclear complex this reaction occurs independently of both parent and co concentration. Ud ud the laser flash photolysis of (t5-c5h5)v(co)4 was studied at excitation wavelengths o f 266nm and 355nm.

6a) which consisted of solution resistance (r s), coating resistance (r c) and capacitance of coating (cpe coat) was applied for fitting the experimental data.

Radical cyclization of benzene tethered 1,7 enynes with ...

A Facile R

A radical cyclization of benzene-tethered 1,7-enynes with aryldiazonium tetrafluoroborates in the presence of copper(ii) acetate and dabco(so2)2 is developed. This transformation is triggered by arylsulfonyl radicals which are generated in situ from aryldiazonium tetrafluoroborates and dabco(so2)2.

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